fulvia bernacca


Born in Rome in 1986. She studied at the Roman School of Photography, specializing in portrait and landscape photography. In love with film photography and vintage printing techniques, despite working also with digital media, she continues to prefer the film to achieve her personal projects. From 2015 she collaborates with 10b photography, as head of the printing and digital post-production laboratory and exhibition coordinator, for which she has been involved in the World Press Photo Exhibition 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Rome, Ferrara and Venezia. Since 2015 she assist photojournalist Francesco Zizola. In 2018 she works as curator for the Meteo Museo Edmondo Bernacca, a museum about meteorology and the italian famous meteorologist Edmondo Bernacca. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions, including the exhibition “Oltre le Mura di Roma” at the MACRO Museum in Rome, with her work about the old mental hospital in Rome.


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